Aims & Objects

Aims & Objects

 * Our Main struggle is a national struggle for the Liberation of our Motherland Balochistan  from Pakistani occupation Politically, culturally, economically and geographically .

* Our Basic points of struggle are Nationalism, secularism and Democracy.

* We will activate, aware, mobalize and unite Baloch nation and will struggle for the National Liberation of Balochistan.

 * We believe in national harmony, national unity with the friendly Baloch armed forces and Baloch political parties in Balochistan who are fighting or struggling under the concept of  Baloch nationalism.

* We welcome the alliance of all liberal, democratic and anti Punjab-dominance Baloch parties in Balochistan.

* Our New Free State will be democratic and will be free from all form of discrimination, racism, religious, sexual and all other sort of oppression.
* Our free State will encourage and support International Peace keeping activities, efforts and development of human being and the humanity.

* We morally support freedom struggles of oppressed nations around the globe.


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