The Baloch Martyrs Day 15 July “Shahmiren Balochaane Roch”

Dear Friend We Really Appreciate Your Participation And Solidarity On This Event. I Hope You Will Attend. In Case Anyone Of You Cannot Attend Please Send Us Your Solidarity Message Which Will Be Read On Behalf Of You Or Your Organisation.


“The Baloch Martyrs Day 15 July”- “ShahmirenBalochaaneRoch’ 15 July”

The Baloch nation, like many other nations, in their struggle for freedom has endured great sacrifices. In their endeavor to achieve these aims many have encountered and experienced the wrath of the occupying states. In consequence, many Baloch men, women and children in their struggle for National Liberation have been treated violently and inhumanly by the military and the intelligence services of these occupying states. The very harsh treatment of Baloch people is well recorded, particularly by states such as Pakistan and Iran. Since their illegal occupation of Balochistan these states have been involved in the systematic imprisonment, torture, abduction and extra-judicial killings of Baloch. 

According to Voice for Baloch Missing Persons currently around 8000-13,000 Baloch political activists are in the illegal custody of Pakistani security agencies in occupied Balochistan. Tens of thousands have Baloch have been displaced and many hundreds have been either target killed by state’s security agencies or tortured to death under-custody. International Voice for Baloch Missing Persons collected the details of at least 175 Baloch political activists killed during captivity since July 2010. 

Similarly hundreds of Baloch have been killed by the fundamentalist Regime of Iran in Iranian Occupied Balochistan and several are on death row waiting to be executed. 

In tribute to sacrifices of the Baloch Martyrs the Baloch community in London holds a day of remembrance on the 15, July of every year. The day is nominated as “Baloch Martyrs Remembrance Day.” On this day we express our solidarity with families of Baloch Martyrs and those who are being illegally detained by occupying forces. Also, on this day there will be an exhibition of pictures, names, and a brief description on the background of each victim of occupying states’ violence. 

The actual day that this Remembrance Day will take place in London is on Sunday 17th July 2011. The Remembrance Day starts from 12 noon to 5pm at:

Closest Tube station: Hammersmith Station

We wish to request from Baloch people in Balochistan and all over the world to hold 17 of July as “Baloch Martyrs Day or National Remembrance Day” to pay your deepest respects to those who paid the ultimate price of their lives for a free, democratic and united Balochistan. 

Organised by:

International Voice for Baloch Missing Persons
Baloch Unity Conference (UK)
Balochistan Democratic Movement
Baloch Community London

For more Information contact:




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