“Baloch National Front” Convoy

“Baloch National Front” Convoy

By: Diagoh Murad Email: diagoh@yahoo.com

The Baloch resistance convoy which is been seen going on inside Balochistan from these past years has changed much of the landscape, political & geopolitical stature. This convoy which was started by few people have now grown up to large extent where many members have given up their way by accumulating resistance and mounted their way towards what they call as National Liberation. The term National Liberation can be unpredictable but for Baloch nation whom haven’t seen the dawn of freedom, was always subjugated, discriminated, their cultural & moral values were repressed and most of all their boundaries neglected, this words bring changes to their society under which their resistance move to their goal. In this 21st century where developed and under developing countries converse about the economical, social & political changes around the world, the Baloch national movement however concealed has risen up to meet the changes according to which their struggle for National Liberation has been criticized & praised by many.

The National Liberation war in Balochistan include political & guerrilla strategy through which the mass body of resistance and revolution move inside the socio-political structure of Baloch society though Baloch nation suffered mostly by these revolutionist than their enemy but the wind of change have started to flow inside the socio-political lifestyle of Baloch nation. The most demanding index of Baloch national movement which is less organized and less structured whether it be to mobilizing or to raise the issue of Human rights violation is the Political structure inside Balochistan.

The political movements which are working for National Liberation are trying to fill up the vacuum which was the reason of failure for the past Baloch national movements as Baloch nation was absent in the field of politics or may we say political science as the word is being used by many political parties which is why the theory of mass mobilization is not being seen in the resistance struggle inside Balochistan, Although the political parties are coalition partners inside the alliance called BNF (Balochistan National Front) which include BRP, BNM, BSO(A),BBA,BWM,BUC,JWP & BHRC, BKP which was also a coalition party left BNF for doubting reason maybe lack of sharing between the coalition parties, I would recall Nawab Akbar Bugti who was the sole political person who gave the idea of a single Baloch political party (not alliance) which would be active in and out of Balochistan but as Nawab Akbar Bugti is gone the word was thrown away in the political garbage inside Balochistan.

The word alliance and single party vary in many ways as there are more strings attached in alliance but single party can be called as the sole representative of a nations mind set. Although Baloch supports the alliance of different political parties and their 3 points agenda to become the part of alliance that is

1. To Support the Independence Movement

2. To give moral support to freedom fighters

3. Non Parliamentary Politics.

But that doesn’t seem to work because the political parties which are included in BNF have their own rules and regulations and they act upon them, if an alliance is born the group of political party should perform under the agenda of the alliance rather implementing and performing or even protesting under their political framework that way the alliance will become stronger and more active inside the political ground. BNF shares equal benefits to all its group political parties but the political parties don’t act as an alliance but rather they work under their own political grounds and manifestations.

The enemy of Baloch nation knows that Baloch are less equipped when it comes to media and political level because in the past Pakistani state used their tactics against Baloch nation whether it be politically or the involvement of state media. They say to break a nation and put them in depression you have to put a dispute in between them that’s what Pakistan did, Pakistan with its divide and rule policy gave maximum coverage to the Baloch who were ready to sell their soul & were on the forefront for expressing their solidarity to Pakistan, These leaders and political parties still exist in the political ground of Balochistan who are not part of the alliance but are ready to break this alliance once and for all because they know that alliance is a body which is jointed to other parties and to break it you have to break the strings which are attached to its core & to do that you have to put a dispute between them for instance the tragic incident occurred on Baloch nation inside Karachi from 7th January 2010 to 11th January 2010 which took more than 50 precious life although it could have been stopped if the political parties violently demonstrated under the flagship of the alliance as one and let their enemy see that in this hard time the Baloch nation are one and are representing a core party. But this didn’t happened and all the parties just wanted to cash out what they could to gain popularity for themselves.

The tragic incident may have been inevitable but at least it was a chance for the parties inside BNF to demonstrate them as one core party to the true National Liberation struggle. This struggle have seen many changes which started after Nawab Akbar Shahbaz Khan Bugti fell victim to state oppression, Baloch nation or Baloch national parties have never thought why Nawab Akbar Bugti wanted to bring an order to the political situation inside Balochistan by creating a Single national liberation party working for just 1 point agenda that is total liberation, This creation would have given chances for Baloch political workers to work inside the framework of a 1 point agenda party and it would have been greatly appreciated and praised not only inside Balochistan but in the international communities like the Kurdish National Party.

Although great leaders have risen up inside Balochistan but in these 62 years no changed occurred inside the political ground of Balochistan, Baloch nation is confused as which party is working for their betterment like we can see that BNF is an alliance but when it comes to protesting & demonstrating the parties act on their own rules and BNF or the other coalition parties cannot be seen that they have any hand in this protest for rights of Baloch nation, it could be that BNF is only an alliance not a single core party because if the political parties inside BNF think it as a core party under which national liberation is only the chapter to talk about than every thing should be done under the legitimated body of BNF. BNF should be given more importance rather than the coalition groups because that is where strength grows if a single party with only 1 point agenda that is National Liberation comes forward and take up the responsibility to act on the political ground as the single core party leading Baloch nation to National salvation.

Baloch nation and the leadership of BNF should understand that dividing plus dividing will only make more space which will be hard to fill and divided policies will make complicated issues to National Liberation because the coalition partners inside BNF have one agenda that is to work for National Liberation but divided policies have make complex issues, the thing which should be done is to bring a 1 point agenda in the policies of BNF that is National Liberation and all the coalition parties should act upon the rules of BNF to make it core of Baloch national movement. The time needs Baloch to stand on one platform it is easy to recommend Baloch nation residing inside Karachi to create a single core party working for the betterment of them, but we should think that is what all the Baloch nation need a single core party working for the betterment of all the population of Baloch nation for instance Awami league of Mujib ur rahman which was the sole leadership working in the National Liberation of Bangladeshi people.

The readers may be thinking that why would BNF adopt the 1 point agenda when the Baloch freedom fighters are fighting under different flagship and groups but we should understand this also that political and guerrilla strategy and ground reality are different, Political movement was absent in the past battle of Baloch nation which was the reason that the revolution was half dead and half alive we should learn something from the past rather than running on the same track for 62 years, Baloch freedom fighting groups have 1 agenda that is National Liberation but when we see the political ground of Balochistan there are different leadership and different parties working under their own agenda some wants Provincial autonomy, control over resources and coastal belt and some wants to work inside the federation of state but with self determination now in these kind of situation Baloch political leadership working for National Liberation rather being divided should make a single core party to take out the rivals, which would be a great approach to bring Baloch nation into mass mobilization.

Single core party with single agenda will fulfill the dream of mass mobilization which every leadership of Balochistan want, Baloch national movement on political strategy cannot sustain the absence of one vocal party it is high time for Baloch parties to neglect the past mistakes and work for combining the pillars of National Liberation on one core political party. The biggest reason of slavery is the absence of conscience about mass mobilization in Baloch nation and to operate for mass mobilization we are working in divided groups which is amusing as we don’t have unity inside the political ground which is the main platform to bring mass mobilization, At last I will quote Nawab Hyarbiyar Marri in his recent interview regarded about Baloch political parties “That Baloch leadership should understand the difference and should counter their mistakes rather making more loose ends if they think that is the way they would go than I will take leave over politics of Balochistan” now how much time Baloch leadership needs to understand the political ground of Balochistan there are agents of state working as a political party there are goons who are harassing Baloch nation but we still are divided under different groups and organization rather being one we demonstrate ourselves divided this is the reason that the divide and rule policy have worked inside the society of Baloch nation that’s what happened with Rind and Lashari and that’s what happening with BRSO & BSO, which is causing damage to National Liberation.

One can understand if all the political parties have different agenda but they are ready to work under the alliance but would not let the alliance be their first priority that is the biggest mistake, they created 3 points agenda for the alliance but in simple words didn’t defined that the 3 points leads to National Liberation which is clear that all the parties have one destination but they want different paths which is misleading and cannot be accepted that it will profit National Liberation, today Baloch nation have to stop being part of partyism and should struggle for Nationalism which is needed.

United We Stand, Divided We Fall.


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