Baloch National Question Exposed To World Community For Debate

By: Archen Baloch  

Despite the fact that Baloch Nationalism has bitterly been cursed by religious parties and dubbed with infidelity, abhorred by federation, betrayed by salaried parliamentarian nationalists, suppressed by civil and military establishment, haunted by ISI and MI, crushed by cruel military operations, neglected by civil societies, ignored by regional and international media, contained in a vicious circle of vested interests, isolated by neighboring nations and submerged in the obscurity of utter media blackout.

 Nevertheless, at last it overcame all these obstructions and reached Sharm El Sheikh and forced Pakistan to include Balochistan into joint-statement issued by  PM Manmohan Singh of India and PM Gilani of Pakistan , it reads , ‘Prime Minister Gilani mentioned that Pakistan had some information on threats in Balochistan and other areas’.        

The main purpose of inclusion of Balochistan in the joint statement is that Pakistan wanted to counterweigh the New Delhi accusations of Mumbai carnage which are bearing heavy on Pakistan in the coming days. That is way the ex Pakistan spy master Hameed Gul was jubilant at the inclusion of Balochistan in the joint statement. 

Now the question is that what Pakistan wants out of this? There are two things that Pakistan wants to gain out of it. First, it wants to counterweight New Delhi assertions of Mumbai carnages. The second thing is that it could wage a military operation in its controlled southwestern Balochistan province to crush Baloch insurgency in the name of “some information on threats in Balochistan” whereby India would not be able to raise a finger at the atrocities meted out against Baloch in the wake of gory operations in Balochistan.  

 Now according to Baloch media and Baloch political parties  statements Pakistan has started to take into confidence the world community and some so called nationalists to pave the way for launching a gory and dangerous military operation in Balochistan to crush Baloch  national resistance movement. 

Right after the Sharm El Sheikh joint statement between PM Singh and PM Gilani, on war footage a frenzy of activities of state officials and security agencies is being reported in Baloch media. President Zardari’s meeting  with Nawaz Sharif and taking him into confidence for the operation, dispatching  PPP’s  representative Nafees siddique  to  meet  MQM’s demagogue   head  Altaf Hussain in London  to  get  him on board for the same purpose.  Interior minister Rehman Malik’s visit to Kabul meeting President Karzai and asking him to cooperate on the border infiltration, American Secretary Hillary Clinton words  about Indian involvement in Balochistan unrest, Sending provincial governor Magsi to abroad to convince some nationalists leaders leaving abroad for the same reason to weaken the likely protests, in Europe  Baloch activists are to wage if Pakistan committed any military aggression in Balochistan. Frontier Corps office in Quetta has become the meeting place of some salaried tribal leaders, and religious leaders for approving the operation.

Apart from all these political and diplomatic measures, contingency measures have also been reported by Baloch media and political parties that all districts, cities and towns’ hospitals have been put on high alerts. And temporary medical camps have been erected to treat the wounded ones. New check posts on every entrance of cities, towns and villages have been added to the already existent 800 check posts to execute the much feared operation across Balochistan.  

To intimidate the public, it has increased the flag marches in large columns of troops in cities, town and villages. A heavy crack down has also been inflicted upon BSO and BNF leadership, which are the vanguard of political resistance and the main organizers of large public demonstrations, to quell the resistance.  

It has also been reported that Sri Lankan and Chinese military expertise is also involved in this high sophisticated operation, in some areas  Iranian forces have been given the task to participate in the kill of Baloch resistance  Particularly in bordering mountainous areas of Zamoran, Mand and Taftan.  

Regrettably the American sophisticated weapons, which have been given to Pakistani military to take on al Qaida and Talibans, are the main killing machines being used against a secular and democratic nation struggle for liberation.  

The die of diplomatic tussle has been cast by Pakistan itself in Sharm Ul Sheikh and it has exposed Baloch national question to world community for international debate. 

 Baloch national struggle for freedom is in need indeed of world attention and support. Baloch leadership is convinced that Sharm Ul Sheikh Communiqué could provide a firm base for world community to intervene and check the gross violation of human rights in Balochistan by ‘Islamic’ republic of Pakistan.






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