Pakistan Iran gas pipeline and the possibility of success?‏

To carry out the Pakistan Iran gas pipeline project to a success end, a huge rumble is being heard from government side these days. The frequency of meetings has increased between the two governments, and the feasibility report is being prepared as well.  Yesterday a high level meeting was held in this regard in which the chief minister of Balochistan was also present. In that meeting the route of gas pipeline was decided that both Balochistan and sindh will have equal share of gas pipelines respectively and the profits will be shared equally as well.  

Meanwhile Balochistan chief minister Nawab Raisani, on this occasion has recommended that Gawader should be provide with gas. Nevertheless, it had already been decided that Gawader Industrial Zone would get its share of gas from the project.  

On the other side of the project the Iranians have also increased their activities to execute the project for its part.  According to reports Iran has completed its pipelines project close to Pakistan border. 

The soon the remaining interactions are completed; Pakistan would also start building its part of gas pipeline project.  

But, despite all these activities and the increased interest of Chief Minister, the main question remained unanswered till today, the most fancied project upon which dreams of profits and developments are being build, is a viable project? This is the main question; a real and satisfactory answer would determine the future of this project. This should be kept in mind; initially this project was a triumvirate project, became reduced to a bilateral project.  

The dangers, among other difficulties with several ground realities; this project success has to depend upon, are too extensive, from domestic security to American pressures.  

Despite the tall claims that American pressure has been rejected, there is another headache of which neither Pakistan nor Iran has any remedy. The most security vulnerability this project will face is the fact that it runs through Balochistan. It is where the danger lies. Baloch political parties and public are vehemently opposing this project and regarding this project against their national will and interests.  

It has been said that unless and until Baloch national opinion is sought and national interests are aligned, no project go through success. Baloch armed resistance organizations, on the other hand, has already made it clear that they would target this project. The future of this project is deemed to bleak. Because so far Pakistan has failed to protect its own pipelines existing in Balochistan. They are consistently being targeted by armed resistance organizations. Electricity, railways and other installations are also continually being targeted by armed resistance organizations.  

Therefore, taking into consideration the Baloch national insurgency and Baloch national security reservations, the envisaged Pakistan Iran pipeline project does not seem to be embracing the bride of success. Serenity in Balochistan comes only when Baloch national question is resolved!!   


                                                            Source Of News: Editorial  Daily  Tawar    

                                                 Translated by:    Archen Baloch


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