Taliban; helplessness, the punishment of the bad deeds or golden egg laying chicken for Pakistan?

Taliban; helplessness, the punishment of the bad deeds or golden egg laying chicken for Pakistan?

Pakistan’s president Asif Ali Zardari after coming in power took the beggar’s pot and started begging in the name of funds. The United States and other friend countries refused politely saying ‘Pardon us old beggar!’ As Pakistan is suffering from very poor financial conditions, its rulers tried different dialects to earn money i.e. in the name of Islam and neighborhood hoping to get any capital from Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and China. It had a clear attitude towards Europe and US i.e. begging along blackmailing (which still exists) that if the West doesn’t help Pakistan, Islamic extremists might spread worse disaster in their countries. We (Pakistan) are fighting West’s war etc etc. But this is very untrue. The following war and the Taliban both have become very important to Pakistan. Pakistan cannot save the world from the ongoing war or from Taliban and neither it wants to do so because from the beginning of Afghan war till today, Pakistan has been wasting money (like a rich man’s careless son) without caring about where it is coming from. It seems Pakistan is suffering from the burden of millions of Afghan refugees but Pakistani rulers know very well how to cash this burden and what the real price of it is. If billions of dollars from the US and the West wouldn’t fly to Pakistan its economical condition would have never let it become a nuclear power.

Afghanistan is on war from last 31 years whereas regardless peace in Pakistan nothing was achieved. There was no difference between the so-called democracy and the martial law. No difference was felt in citizen’s life nor did the economy of the country get a bit stronger. To get funds on behalf of Afghan war and country’s own debts, political statements and false console were used. Every day is not Sunday, the world at last became fed up of helping Pakistan whereas the result was opposite of expectations being nightmares and worse. Pakistani state is toward its decline and Taliban who were fighting in different forms(under Pakistan’s supervision)  against the Soviet Union has strengthened its roots in Pakistan along with Al-Qaeda. Mega corruption, political destabilization, anarchy, economical crisis and religious extremism are the main promoters of Terrorism in Pakistan.

 Pakistan’s dual definition about Taliban;

In Pakistan there is a concept of Pakistani Taliban and other Taliban which the US, West and India had repeatedly told the world about. Perhaps this was the reason media started to report (in the beginning of Swat operation) that on one hand military operation is going on in Swat whereas on the other hand clear and safe places are left for Taliban to run away. Innocent people are going to be used to show the effects of operation as positive. US and West are going to cheers on this situation, while on the other hand the real people (Pakistan provided leadership of Taliban) are going to succeed in running away. Some of these (Pakistani) Taliban are given the duty of violating the situation in the state of Baluchistan in order to get the ongoing genocide certificate to kill Pro-liberation Baloch in the name of Taliban and deceive the civilized world making them spectators.

It is necessary for Pakistani rulers to make sure that a part of Taliban remains safe which can be used to provoke hatred against India. Peace, stabilization and Indian influence in Afghanistan is never tolerated in Pakistan. It can be said satisfactorily that having peace in Afghanistan democratic wise India is imagined to be its best partner rather than Pakistan.

It is much easy for the economically stabilized and the secular India to strengthen its roots in Afghanistan. There has been never found any animosity against India in Afghanistan nor its leadership or people had any hatred against it. Whereas, Pakistan’s popularity among Afghanis remained negative. A large number of Afghanis still blame Pakistan for all the annihilations occurred in their country. Therefore, Pakistan still needs Taliban activities and strict motives in Afghanistan, Kashmir and India itself. Promoting the debate of Talibanisation is necessary for Pakistani establishment’s own security as well as to let Pashtoon divided. In today’s modern age, religious extremism is the only slogan which has diverted the Pashtoons from national freedom struggle and stuck them in religious war. Hence today Pashtoons are unaware of their national freedom from Pakistan; they are fighting a war worth freedom and demanding religious law implementation (sharia). Pakistan is very aware and never wants Pashtoons to be liberated from the craze of religion (which is a butter giving cow for Pakistan). This is the slogan which has made Pashtoons from both side of the border busy in its own genocide due to which Pakistan in between is enjoying reliefs and funds.

Regular interference of Pakistan in Afghanistan easily concludes that Pakistan is never in favor of a well-developed and peaceful Afghanistan which is a threat to its own geographical security. In case of a developed and peaceful Afghanistan, Pashtoons in Pakistan being a well developed nation (among neighbors) having a large number of educated and skilled people who are going to be the first preference in Afghanistan’s development, can at any point realize that partition of Pashtoons was under the conspiracy of the British and rather than living with the Punjabis and other nations it should join its own historical country where along with Islam its own history, own language and own culture is  still present. In the present situation, Pashtoons can be compared with a horse who reveals its energy on the judgment day and after realizing it bewails on its simplicity that in spite being so energetic it had been misused even by infants. Pakistani leadership is well aware of this energy and knows that if Pashtoons decide their separation from Pakistan and will to join their historical country, it will be impossible for Pakistan to keep Pashtoon with it anymore. Well developed Afghanistan will remain a threat to Pakistan’s geography until a solution is found for the above mentioned chance.

These are the basic reasons preventing Pakistan to eliminate Taliban and the world is not ready to trust Pakistan’s intensions. But, let us analyze this question (regardless to our thoughts and analysis); Military operation in Swat and Tribal areas will succeed or not?

In this regard we see Pakistani military operation failed in all means because they lack the support of locals and overall Pashtoon nation. This fact can be realized that when a nation’s almost 3 million people have been displaced from their happy homes and the particular nation is still in the favor of the military operation. Regardless restrictions on media, the reports reaching from the affected areas are both against Pakistan and Taliban but if locals are asked to appoint one single enemy they will surely select Pakistani forces rather than Taliban (Pashtoon) to be much responsible for all disaster because the sin of Drone attacks is also counted in Pakistani forces and Taliban sins which has the willingness of Islamabad that can be a reason of incensement in Pakistani state sins. (Punjab’s bombardment of Carpet Bombs over Pakistani Pashtoon and locals is not included in the debate)

Punjab and Sind’s expression of hatredness against the Pashtoon refugees has been the fuel in the fire. Both Punjab and Sind had expressed straight to the point that they are unhappy with the arrivals of the Pashtoon refugees in fact they are protesting against it which is not a big deal but this act might force the Pashtoons to think that if Punjab and Sind can settle their own displaced people anywhere they want saying we all are Pakistanis and anyone can settle anywhere it doesn’t matters but the real fact of this Pakistanism appears when refugees of any other province turn toward them and they start screaming in fear of turning into minority but when this situation comes on other nations specially Baloch, they are named narrow minded and foreign agents.


Government or non-governmental related Pashtoon nationalists and religious forces will stand against the hatredness of Punjab and Sind against the Pashtoon which will strengthen the acute of the voices raised against the military operation increasing the public pressure causing suspension of military operation or reducing its intensity. This will allow Taliban to transfer its war from its homeland to the bigger cities of Punjab and Sind and emerge with new intensity, new experience and new tactics of disaster. Time will decide their then slogan. These are the punishments of the bad deeds of Pakistani leaders which will counter their selves first. These are the biggest threat to Pakistan establishment and the world today is finding a solution for this. These include the Islamic Nuclear Weapons, drugs, and religious extremists. This is the reason world’s  biggest assassins IMF and the World Bank hold the sword on the hanging head of the Pakistani state in order to permanently get rid of the begging slogans ‘In the name of poor’s’, ‘in the name of terrorism’.


By Hafeez H.A.,

Source: Daily Tawar,

Translated by Zrombesht


One Response to “Taliban; helplessness, the punishment of the bad deeds or golden egg laying chicken for Pakistan?”

  1. Mbaloch Says:

    An article consisting of some daring truths about Pakistan’s evil plans to keep deceiving the world. Hafiz Hasanabadi is a well known think-tank. If he would have been an american or a westener, he would be one of the biggest intellectuals of today’s world.

    Great Job! hoping to see more..
    Longlive Balochistan.

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