Baluch as a nation have no future in Pakistan

by sarjau
The Baluchistan national party has been influenced by the MQM and PPP. The Baluchistan national party is elite’s party. Their demand is more power to administrate their province and more money to spend. They have found themselves in situation that their domination on Baluch society has been challenged by the separatist movement. They cannot reject the separatist; if they reject the separatist Ideology, Baluch may reject them. They are playing wait and see game for the moment. Their biggest worry is that they have used the nationalist slogan in the past. They are wages earners some of them grant maintaining sardar. They are not sure if separatist have external support. They are opportunistic if they realise that the separatist have external support and resources it would not take them long to change the side. They are not willing to risk what they have been getting from Pakistan. They have used the nationalist slogan in order to secure better job and more found for themselves. They are losing credibility’s to coordinate the diverse interests of social groups and legitimate their action. BNP, NP failed to argue that there exists a nation with an explicit and peculiar character that its interest and values take priority over all others and that the Baluchistan must be independent. Self denying approach to the Baluchistan independent by BNP, BN will legitimise the Punjabi rules on Baluchistan. Baluch as a nation have no future in Pakistan.

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