Baluchistan consumes enemies

Baluchistan consumes enemies


Reza Hossein Borr

Baluchistan consumes enemies. As I look today at the line history of Baluch and Baluchistan, I clearly can see that all the conquerors and dictators who captured Baluchistan and used excessive forces regarding the Baluch, became the victims of their own atrocities. Baluchistan has some miraculous manifestations. These manifestations elevate those who do good to Baluch and Baluchistan to high positions and eliminate those who do bad things to Baluch and Baluchistan. This seems to be repeated again and again in the history of the region. It is almost a historical pattern.

The first evidence that has been documented is those of Sassani kings before Islam. The last few kings of Sassani used exessisive forces against the Baluch and Baluchistan. Ferdowsi has documented these atrocities in the Book of Kings as they were committed in Baluchistan. He narrates that in one occasion, the Sassani forces attacked Hamoun, the centre of Baluchistan and killed so many Baluch that farms and flock of sheep and goats were left with farmers and shepherds. Few years later, the Arabs invaded Iran and eliminated the Sassanian kings and Dynasty.

Sultan Mahmood Ghaznawi was another king who massacred a large number of the Baluch people in Baluchistan. Just after that he died and his two sons started a war that ended in the demise of their Dynasty.

Nassereddin Shah Qajar committed unbelievable crimes in Baluchistan by taking women and children instead of taxes that they couldn’t pay. That was a year that followed many years of famine in Baluchistan. The tax collectors of Nassereddin Shah were so cruel that when they realised that people could not pay their taxes they arrested women and children to sell them as slaves. Few years later Nassereddin Shah was killed.

Zulfikar Ali Bhutto dissolved Baluchistan’s parliament in 1973, arrested Baluch leaders and a Civil War began in Baluchistan in which thousands of Baluch were killed and injured. Bhutto used the army to suppress the Baluch people. The same commander of the army that used to suppress the Baluch people, arranged a coup against Bhutto, arrested him and hanged him later.

Without looking at the history of Baluchistan, Gen Musharraf used the same tactic of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto. Musharaf killed hundreds of Baluch people, kidnapped thousands of them, displaced thousands of Baluch from their homes and lands, and killed Baloch leadear Akbar Khan Bugti. Today he is facing the fate of his predecessors.

As I think more about Baluch and Baluchistan I see a great sense of innocence in the people and in the land. This great sense of innocence manifests itself in their demands for justice and when the dictators eliminate the seekers of justice, somehow justice finds its own way and gets them. So far nobody has escaped from this expansive sense of innocence. It is just like a miracle. Those who kill the Baluch get killed by others. The amazing element is that the killers of Baluch and destroyers of Baluchistan get killed and destroyed not by the Baluch but by other sources and forces. It is as if there is a higher source of justice in this universe that has its special attention to that region with innocent people that punishes those who commit crimes in Baluchistan.

Innocence is seeking innocence. Justice is seeking justice. Fairness is seeking fairness. Equality is looking for equality. When innocence is seeking innocence and a criminal gets on its way, somehow innocence acts as a living conception and consumes criminals. When justice is seeking justice and some dictators get on its way, somehow justice turns into a living matter, finds the dictators and eliminates them. When equality is looking for equality and a discriminator gets on its way, somehow the concept of equality transform itself into material forces and consume the discriminator.

The great humanitarian qualities of the Baluch people so far have been able to save the Baloch from different devastating dangers. These great humanitarian qualities are still operating in Baluchistan. They will save Baluchistan and Baluch people in future too. Nobody will dare to begin to eliminate the Baluch people until and unless he arranges his own end and his own elimination. The Baluch people and the sense of justice they looking for will not be eliminated but those who want to destroy the seekers of justice have been eliminated in the past and they will be eliminated the in the future. This is a great warning.

If you seek to kill a Baloch, you will be killed.



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