2 Nation Theory

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After repeated attacks of Hitler during World War II, the Britishers failed to maintain their hold over a vast country like India even after the triumph of war. Before quitting this country, they made up their mind to divide it on religions basis like, property of a father, to avoid any problems in being a great India for them in the future. Despite partition, more Muslims still reside in India than Pakistan. Religion and nation are two different things. Two brothers can adopt two different religions but their nationality and race cannot be changed. In the same way, Hindus and Muslims can be of same nation but not of the same religion. Hinduism is older than Islam. Indian Muslims earlier were Hindus, later they embraced Islam.

They changed their religion but their nationality and nation remained the same. Some Muslims, with the mercy of the Britishers to fulfill their dreams of powers by making a separate country, were trying to belie the facts and to give the name of two nation theory instead of 2 religion. Creation of Pakistan is nothing but an illusion. Pakistan based on a false two nation theory could not survive for 25 years. More than 50% of its people got created into the third nation in 1971. And thereafter, inside the remaining Pakistan, four more nations were recognized.

This process still continues, and now Saraikis and Muhajirs are also struggling for separate nationhood. Pakistan got separation from India on the basis of one nation but, more than seven nations have come into existence so far, but according to Pakistanis, even then the two nation theory is still intact. What to do? Though there is no reality, but publicity is a compulsion for running the government and to prove the truth of their first lie.

After partition from India, no Muslims remained with the support of two nation theory and the Maulvis who had opposed Pakistan became the top supporters. Gen. Zia made the Maulvis millionaires, to conceal the false claim of his own Islamic system. Earlier these Maulvis were living hand to mouth in small huts located near the mosques. They initiated their job to find out infidels inside the Muslims, by following Gen. Zia. Worship places of opponents were set ablaze alongwith the Holy Quran. Prayers were killed and this process is still continuing.


One Response to “2 Nation Theory”

  1. Zamir Says:

    The 20+ years of struggle of Kashmiri people to throw away the yoke of Indian imperialism has proved the valididity of two nation theory. For forgot to mention that India itself is a British creation.

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