Strategic depth attack policy to Pakistan

تفصیل یہاں پر پڑھیۓ >>

Strategic depth attack policy to Pakistan.

Balochs & Afghans are are compelled to forge unity to preserve their bilatral interests, future dreams of peace, prosperity and freedom in Afghanistan and Balochistan – facing the common enemy….The Pakistani brutal Army which is killing both Balochs and Afghans. The only difference is that,in Balochistan, they use thier military uniform but in Afghanistan, they act their dirty deeds,in civilian cloths, using the name of …..Talibans. The NATO/ISAF/Afghan Army has their right to defend themselves and Afghan citizens from the brutal savage Army of Pakistan who pose themselves as Talibans and destabilize Afghanistan. Pakistani Army has no immunity to kill every-one, all over the world. The future of Baloch and Afghan`s freedom, depends upon the destruction of Paki thug Army and their rogue State….Pakistan. If Pakistanis are succeeded to occupy Afghanistan in the covered name of Talibans , the Afghans shall again travell through hell. The impact of Talibani power shall be resulted in hair-raising calamaties and brutal actions by Talibans (again Pakistani Army) in Balochistan, Afghanistan and elsewhere. Balochs and Afghans, alongwith their western allies should jointly endeavour to sabotage the evil intentions of Pakistani Army, which is following “strategic depth policy in Afghanistan” since 1947. Afghan Army and their allies, – NATO/ISAF – were compelled to adopt “forward policy” by establishing their military posts near Durrand-line to challange the menace of infiltration of Pakistani forces (Talibans) in Afghanistan. Later on, it was decided to target the terrorist sancturies inside Tribal areas who are living under the shadow of Pakistan. It seems, that such a “Cat & Mouse” play shall never foil the Pakistani “strategic depth policy in Afghanistan” which is crystal clear due to surge of attacks in Afghanistan by Pakistani trained gorrilla Soldiers. It`s feared about more Pakistani ISI (Talibani) attacks going deeper in Afghanistan. The ground reality is based on the fact that; ” those who support, finance, guide and infiltrate Al-quida/talibans in Afghanistan are the elements of Pakistani Military, Inter Service Agencies (ISI) of Pakistan, who are sitting in Islamabad and are spread over whole of Pakistan. Targeting of some Pakistani Military posts or some sancturies of Talibans/Al-quida in Tribal area in Pakistan shall never cease the infilteration of Pakistani Terrorists in Afghanistan. It needs a robust counter-insurgency and “strategic depth attack Policy” in Pakistan” by Afghan Government and his Allies,which is the only solution to keep stability in Afghanistan and save the whole world from Pakistani Al-quidi menance. There are substantial speculations that after the fall of Kabul, Pakistani Army shall occupy Islamabad in the name of ……Talibans. They shall massacre the people in the name of Religion…Islam. In such a scenario, the three fundamentalist rogue States – Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan – shall become the centre of “butcher-houses” for the human-beings and the drops of blood shall be spilled over the main cities of the civilised world, too. Paki thugs are black-mailing NATO/ISAF forces in Afghanistan because their supply lines of food, ammuniation & etc. runs through Pakistan. It seems, that Pakistani Military shall threaten to cut these supply lines with their view to compell Americans to follow the terms & condition of Mafia Pakistani Army, i.e……(i) Don`t touch the Talibani and Al-quidi training camps in Pakistan. (ii) Be silent about the infiltration in Afghanistan by Talibans (Pakistani Army), Al-quida, Irani Revolutionary Guards who bleed Afghan Army, NATO/ISAF forces. (v) Mr. Bush, the President of United States, should issue blank cheques, provide ammunation and training to Frontier Constabilary (FC) to faciliate the killing of Afghans in Afghanistan and Balochs in Balochistan. Balochs are desperatly yearning for their independence which was occupied by Pakistan in 1948 like Tibet occupied by China. The independence of Balochistan shall cause the down-fall of Pakistani rogue State, and it`s Mafia Army, Talibans and Al-quida. The secret of peace and stability in Afghanistan depends upon the freedom of Balochistan. The future survival of Balochs and Afghans are inter-twined due to their bilateral interests of survial of their future generations. The freedom of Balochistan shall connect Afghanistan with Allied forces in Persian Gulf and Balochs shall, wholeheartly, guard the communication lines and not allow the shadow of any Paki/persian bird to approach such supply lines. The freedom of Balochistan – of both Pakistan and Iran – shall promote democracy in Middle-east and in Central Asia. There shall be no hinder to lay pipe-lines of Hydrocarbonate through this part of the world. We do beleive that a free Balochistan is the key to defeat dictatorial fundamentalist forces in the whole world and do firmly beleive, that freedom of Balochistan shall herald peace and prosperity over the whole globe. Long live Balochistan. Long Live Afghanistan.

By ( Friends of Balochs ) Afghan-zone.


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